The HP DesignJet portfolio of printers for the CAD environment, as well as our software, inks, and printing materials are designed to meet and exceed all expectations.

Find solutions that are ideal for architectural, engineering and construction companies (AEC), geographic information system (GIS) professionals, as well as Government Agencies, Exploration, Utilities and Land Management offices, plus many more! If you need to print, scan or copy maps, technical drawings, or renderings with precise, accurate line quality and crisp text, be sure to review the specifications on the individual printer pages.

General In-office and Large-format Printing

Take on technical, graphics, or other applications with HP DesignJet printers that provide terrific ease-of use and flexibility. Print different document types and sizes.

Geographic Information Systems, Exploration, Utilities, and Land Management

Print, copy, and scan drawings, satellite and aerial photos, maps, and more that communicate clearly with excellent image and line quality.

Reprographic and Graphics Print Service Providers

With HP DesignJet, reprographic houses can print, scan, and copy accurate and low-cost monochrome and colour plans, plan sets, and renderings. You can quickly print posters, colour proofs, POP displays, event signage, and more.

Manufacturing, Automotive, and Transportation

Print big, so even the smallest details get noticed. Produce large-format plans, drawings, renderings, and more—easily, quickly, and with vibrant quality.

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Print large-format drawings, schematics, renderings, and presentations with great ease, speed, and quality. HP DesignJet printers and MFPs can help build and grow your business.

Temporary Retail POP and POS

Tailor your message to customers in stores with information, product displays, and sales offers delivered on demand. For signage with impact, choose large-format HP DesignJet printers.


Encourage learning with large-format signs used for teaching, everyday communications, and more. HP DesignJet printers can help students make the grade.

Digital & Fine Art and Graphic Design

Show off your digital design with large-format prints and presentations. Produce fine art prints and reproductions that demonstrate strict colour accuracy and high quality.


Bring your vision to life with large-format photographs. HP DesignJet printers enable you to share and promote your work with professional photo quality and accuracy that are true to your vision.

High-quality POP and Exhibition Indoor Signage

Create high-impact signage that lasts with HP DesignJet printers. Show off your brand with large-format prints that demonstrate superb quality along with durability and lasting results — and make a big impression.

Copy Shops and Quick Printers

Print more of the documents your customers want with HP large-format printers that are easy, flexible, fast, and cost effective. Take on a wide variety of jobs and deliver stunning results.

HP DesignJet Printers & Security

Security threats are evolving every day. Every device on a company’s network is a vulnerability point, including network printers, and therefore large-format printers.

Due to the growing sophistication and perseverance of cybercriminals, network firewalls are proving to be insufficient security measures. Organizations need to fortify their end points behind the firewall, including network printers. Whether it’s a malicious cyberattack, an accidental internal breach, or regulatory and legal non-compliance, the cost of resolving a security breach can be huge. Average annual cost is about $4 million4 and can include fines, loss of business, damaged reputation, and class-action lawsuits. Regulatory and compliance requirements are getting more complicated. Organizations need devices and solutions that help them stay compliant.

HP security offerings for HP DesignJet printers

The security features built into HP DesignJet printers can help companies protect their devices, data, and documents. Plus, they help your customers more easily manage fleet security and compliance. Secure printers

  • HP signed firmware packages—firmware packages are digitally signed by HP Code Signing group. Every new firmware installation is verified
  • UEFI Secure Boot—Validates the integrity of the operating system during start-up
  • Hard disk drive encryption—HP uses 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) hard disk data encryption and decryption
  • Secure file erase and disk erase— Are procedures to ensure actual data in storage systems are removed avoiding its recovering.
  • Control panel access lock—Locks the printer’s control panel in order to prevent unauthorized users from accessing it and changing the printer’s settings.

Secure software

Beyond the device, HP offers solutions to detect, protect, monitor and manage the fleet and secure data and documents over time.

  • HP JetAdvantage Security Manager

The industry’s only policy-based print security compliance tool automates fleet security management

– Supports print security policy creation and deployment to the fleet

– Risk-based reporting helps IT quickly view fleet status and prove compliance

– Automated application and updating of unique CA-signed device certificates

  • HP Web Jetadmin—Count on an award-winning, industry-leading, print management solution that can improve productivity and help reduce operation costs. Easy-to-use HP Web Jetadmin offers a simple, web-based interface to install, configure, troubleshoot, and manage both HP and non-HP networked and PC-connected print devices.

Secure services

  • HP custom recycling services—Make sure data is eliminated from hard drives before responsibly recycling old products. More details at